10 Reasons why you should be doing Pilates

  1. To develop strong, flat abs (Summer is around the corner!)
  2. To develop long, lean muscles all over your body
  3. Improve Posture: STOTT Pilates emphasizes a neutral spine, which is important for shock absorption
  4. Help prevent injury—in addition to promoting flexibility, we strengthen muscles concentrically and eccentrically, so you improve your muscular controls and can avoid common injuries when landing during running, aerobics, etc.
  5. Increase circulation and relieve tension
  6. Enhance body awareness
  7. Balance strength with flexibility
  8. Heighten concentration—This is no mindless exercise program!
  9. Enhance athletic performance—everyone from professional dancers, football, and hockey players practice pilates, along with those rehabing after accidents and major surgeries. Pilates is truly for everyone–young and old, at the peak of health and those getting back on track.
  10. Increase self esteem—because this workout feels great and gives you results

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