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Yamuna Face Rolling

Today I had a migraine, so Yamuna Body Rolling is at the forefront of my mind.  Why?  It is the only form of “pain reliever” I’ve tried that actually gets rid of my migraines!  I’ve tried quite a few prescription migraine medications, but none have really done the trick for me.  Yamuna Face balls are an amazing way to massage your face and the base of your skull, stimulate bone, and anti age you, to boot!  I highly recommend Yamuna body rolling to everyone, but the face rolling is the very best!

Power Paced Pilates DVD

One of my favorite quickie Pilates DVDs is Power Paced Pilates by STOTT Pilates.  I feel a good burn and am done in about 25 minutes, which leaves me plenty of time to wash the dishes and iron our clothes before my son wakes up from his nap.  The great thing about this particular workout is that I need no props in order to do it.  A mat is nice, but right now, I’m at my in-law’s house and have no mat, so I’m using the carpet.