Earthbound Farms Organic Baby Kales Mix

Costco (at least near us, anyway!) recently started carrying Earthbound Farms Organic Baby Kales Mix.  This stuff is amazing.  Baby kale is hard to find so being able to find it at Costco is such a great deal!  Baby kale is much less bitter, doesn’t need to be stripped and is very tender.  You can eat it right out of the bag as a salad mix, put it in smoothies, soups, etc. and even bake it into chips.  Sam (my two year old) and I ate half a bag yesterday baked as chips.  These chips tasted so much more delicious than traditional kale chips.  This is on my weekly shopping list from Costco from now on!

3 thoughts on “Earthbound Farms Organic Baby Kales Mix

  1. debbie

    I found it at my Costco and loved it!!!!!!!! Went back today and they did not have it……that is what i do not like about Costco one minute they have it the next it is gone!
    Good luck finding on a regular basis!

    1. heidimarten

      Nooo! Don’t tell me that! I have 4 bags of it on my shopping list for tomorrow. I do wish Costco wouldn’t run out of things so quickly. Now that I’ve tried baby kale, I don’t think I can go back to the mature variety!

  2. Cori

    I’m so excited to find other people raving about the mixed baby kales. I was so bummed when my costco didn’t have it yesterday and said that it was still active but not on order. I told the woman i spoke to that having that product in would definitely get me into the store more often. she said she would inform the produce manager. Maybe if more people called and requested it we could start a movement.

    I put it into miso soup for a quick meal and the stuff just melts without cooking.

    makes it so easy to improve your diet!

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