Peanut Butter Chocolate Truffles

I got some really bad news yesterday and instantly wanted to turn to food to comfort myself, as has been my habit for the last 29 years. Specifically, I wanted a Venti Soy Latte and 1,000 peanut butter cups.  I told myself that I should try to stay Fuhrman-friendly since I would only feel worse after careening off this diet.  So I figured I could try making my own version of peanut butter cups….

My son devoured these for breakfast this morning!  These are my favorite truffle recipe thus far. 

I like the taste of all my truffles better when they are refrigerated.  These are no exception!


21 fresh medjool dates

1 cup unsalted, roasted peanuts

1/3 cup raw almonds

2 tsp vanilla extract

1/4 cup cocoa powder


Pulse nuts in food processor until well chopped. Add dates, cocoa powder and vanilla extract.  Process until a dough ball forms.  Scoop with cookie scoop and roll into balls with your hands.

If you want to make these a little more luscious, add chocolate chips after the dough ball forms—just break it up, pour in chocolate chips, pulse a couple times to incorporate and chop the chips a little.  YUM!  Refrigerate.  Not sure how long they keep (certainly at least 3 days) because we devoured them in 2 days!