Soy Milk

I just made a delicious, homemade *green* soymilk.  No worries if you don’t want your soymilk green, but I figure with St. Patrick’s day around the corner, you may want it green!  Just because he is cute, here is my son devouring the soy milk, which he tells me is “good and healthy”.

 photo (4)photo (3)

For green soymilk, use frozen soy beans. Lightly steam them, cool them,and press them out of the pods.  For regular colored soy milk, use dried beans.


1 cup cooked and cooled soybeans

3 cups water

3 dates

1/2 tsp Vanilla extract (or scraped 1/2 vanilla bean)


Add ingredients to high powered blender.  Blend 1 1/2 minutes or so on high.  Strain through nut bag.  Keeps 3-5 days in refrigerator.  Enjoy!