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*Chocolaty* Green Smoothie

I’m writing this as I’m enjoying this refreshing chocolate milkshake of sorts.  Super healthy, you can enjoy this for breakfast, or as I’m doing, a mid-afternoon snack.  It’s even great for dessert!  If you love frothy chocolaty drinks, this should satisfy you.

I added just a dash of coffee to my smoothie today.  I did not add a date, I think  it is sweet enough as it is, but I’ve been drinking green smoothies for quite some time already.  I did not add any of the optional seeds as I already had them in my morning smoothie and this is just a sweet chocolaty snack.  Enjoy!


1 frozen banana, broken into three chunks

2 cups spinach (give or take, depends on your green tolerance)

1 cup alternative milk of your choice (reduce slightly if adding coffee)

1 T natural cocoa powder

dash vanilla

4 ice cubes

optional: 1 pitted date if you prefer more sweetness

optional: a little cooled coffee, to taste

optional: flax, chia, hemp seeds for omega-3’s


Add ingredients to a high-powered blender, blend until smooth and spinach is pulverized.  The better you blend our spinach, the more cell walls you break and the more nutrients you unlock.

Chocolate Truffles—Nutritarian Style

I first tried these truffles at my Mother in Law’s house.  These are amazing!  These really take care of my chocolate craving while offering me lots of nutrients, too. 


1 cup raw almonds

15 pitted medjool dates (fresher=better)

2/3 cup natural cocoa powder, plus more for rolling (I am a fan of Penzey’s)

1 T Honey (optional, if omitting, may need 1T extra water)

2 T water (more if needed)

Pulse almonds in food processor until coarsely ground.  Add dates, pulse until chopped.  Add cocoa powder, honey and water.  Pulse until mixture forms a mass.  Add more water if mixture is too dry.  Scoop by tablespoonful, roll into balls, and roll into cocoa powder or ground nuts.

Keep refrigerated, enjoy!