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Hungry For Change

Sorry, I’m not home so I’m not cooking, which means no recipes for a few more days. However, I did manage to watch “Hungry For Change” and I really enjoyed it!  I was not a fan of the other Food Matters film, but this one was great.  The take home message is that we need to clean up inside out with the foods we eat, outside in with the chemicals we cover ourselves in, and we need to love and accept ourselves.  The last part of this message was actually news to me and I found the argument intriguing.  Basically, without love, we feel stressed, and this goes back thousands of years, to our hunter-gatherer days, where not belonging to our group would cause us to die. 

This video is free to watch online for the next couple days (until March 31, 2012).  WATCH IT!  It really is worth your time.  I don’t say this all that often but I do think this was really well done. 

Here is the link in case you want to watch it now: http://www.hungryforchange.tv/online-premiere