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Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

I watched Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead today and enjoyed it.  I was not completely sold on juicing or juice fasting as being any healthier than my nutritarian diet, but I enjoyed seeing Dr. Fuhrman in a few clips and I felt like this documentary did a great job just bringing the importance of micronutrients and using food as medicine to the general public.  I cried when Phil explained that he was too embarrassed to see his kids because he did not want his kids seeing him like he was (at about 430 lbs).  It was nice seeing what a huge difference fresh vegetable juice fasting did for the two men and for others.  It is never to late to start eating healthier—unless you are in the grave! 

Although I did not learn anything new (after reading Fuhrman’s books, of course) I still enjoyed this DVD and would suggest that anyone interested in eating healthier, curing themselves of disease, or just interested in seeing what the men in the documentary go through and how they change and grow, watch this.