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Chocolate Raspberry Green Smoothie

This is my son’s favorite smoothie.  He loves berries, and he loves chocolate.  Put them together and he is in heaven.  We make our smoothies extra big on “chocolate” days because he drinks as much as we do! Honestly, I’d say this serves one because we make double the size for our family of 2 and a baby!


2 frozen bananas

1 pint raspberries

4 oz spinach

2 Tbs. cacao nibs

2 Tbs. flax seeds, chia seeds, or hemp seeds

1 cup (add as much as you like/need) nondairy milk (we use almond)

dash of vanilla


Blend ingredients until smooth and processed. Enjoy!

Chocolate Mint Green Smoothie

I think this is my favorite smoothie yet…well, this or the raspberry version, which I’ll post tomorrow.

Makes enough for a very, very large glassSmile


3 frozen bananas

4 oz spinach

2 Tbs flax, chia or hemp seeds

1 cup almond/nondairy milk (use more or less depending on desired consistency and blender abilities)

2 T cocoa nibs

1/2 package of mint

dash vanilla extract


Add ingredients to blender and blend for a minute until the greens are fully processed and smoothie is smooth.  Enjoy!

*Chocolaty* Green Smoothie

I’m writing this as I’m enjoying this refreshing chocolate milkshake of sorts.  Super healthy, you can enjoy this for breakfast, or as I’m doing, a mid-afternoon snack.  It’s even great for dessert!  If you love frothy chocolaty drinks, this should satisfy you.

I added just a dash of coffee to my smoothie today.  I did not add a date, I think  it is sweet enough as it is, but I’ve been drinking green smoothies for quite some time already.  I did not add any of the optional seeds as I already had them in my morning smoothie and this is just a sweet chocolaty snack.  Enjoy!


1 frozen banana, broken into three chunks

2 cups spinach (give or take, depends on your green tolerance)

1 cup alternative milk of your choice (reduce slightly if adding coffee)

1 T natural cocoa powder

dash vanilla

4 ice cubes

optional: 1 pitted date if you prefer more sweetness

optional: a little cooled coffee, to taste

optional: flax, chia, hemp seeds for omega-3’s


Add ingredients to a high-powered blender, blend until smooth and spinach is pulverized.  The better you blend our spinach, the more cell walls you break and the more nutrients you unlock.

Pineapple-Honeydew Green Smoothie

We have a green smoothie every morning for breakfast.  On the rare morning that for some reason we don’t have one, I just don’t feel as good.  My body craves these drinks!  If this is too much green for your taste, start with less greens, and make a goal to add a little more green to your smoothies every week.  Soon, you won’t taste the green at all.  Of course, if you would like to add more greens, go ahead:).  I love green smoothies that turn out a pretty color of green, and this is one of them!

Serves 2 adults for breakfast

1/2 honeydew melon, chopped

1/2 pineapple, chopped

2 bananas, broken in half (frozen is nice to add thickness and cold, but not necessary)

1/4 c water (to help blending along)

5 large leaves Kale or 5 oz baby spinach

Add to high powered blender (I love my Vita-Mix) in order written, blend very well (a couple minutes) so as to really blend the greens.  Enjoy!