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Book Review: “The Pritikin Edge”

I recently got my hands on The Pritikin Edge: 10 Essential Ingredients for a Long and Delicious Life by Robert A. Vogel and Paul Teger Lehr.  I read the entire book in only one day.  The book is well written, hilarious, and definitely not overly medical or dry sounding.  This book presents 10 essestial “ingredients” for a healthy life, which include cutting down on fat, stress, salt, and meat, while eating more fresh fruits, veggies, and fish.  Vogel and Lehr also encourage increased exercise, especially in the form of spontaneous daily activities, such as parking in the furthest spot in the parking lot or taking the stairs and also urge stress reduction.  This advice may sound like information that everyone knows, but reading this in a book written by a cardiologist really helps one believe and apply, rather than just “know” the information.

This book gave the absolute best description of atherosclerosis that I have ever read.  None of my college textbooks explained the disease so clearly or in such a fun, easy to read manner.  Basically, the food choices we make are either detrimental to our bodies (cause inflammation of the arteries–such as saturated, animal fat or trans fat) or they are neutral (such as olive oil) or are beneficial (such as canola or grapeseed oils).

I highly recommend that anyone interested in health, nutrition, and disease prevention read this book.  Almost every single contributing factor to heart disease is due to lifestyle.  We are more in control of our bodies and our health through nutrition and exercise than I think any of us are fully aware.  This book made a difference in my life–in my family’s nutrition and in the way we look at food.

One caveat: I am not a fan of the recipes in the book. I’ve taken the ideas and used them to recreate my favorite recipes.