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I love my homemade hummus.  I really dislike the taste of storebought and hummus is so quick and easy to make (unfortunately, quicker to eat!).  In true Nutritarian form, I add no oil to my hummus; instead, I add water. The result is a lighter, airier and tastier hummus—really! I do add some sea salt, though.  I love fresh herbs in hummus and always add in a few handfuls!


3 cups cooked garbanzo beans (if using canned, this is 2 cans worth)

2.5 T lemon juice

1 T tahini

3 cloves garlic

water (start with 1/3 c and see how the consistency is)

optional: salt, paprika

1 cup loosely packed parsley or cilantro with soft stems


Add ingredients, except herbs, to food processor and process until smooth.  Add more water as necessary to achieve desired consistency. Add herbs and pulse until chopped.  Enjoy!

Edamame Hummus

This edamame puree is amazing, so much better than any hummus recipe that I’ve tried!  I love the delicate flavor.  I tried a version of it earlier today at a restaurant.  I was so enamored, I had to come home and make it right away!  This is my version and I think it tastes just like the original!  At the restaurant, this puree was served with deep fried wonton chips.  Yum!  But if you are looking for a healthier meal, you can do as I did at home: serve with cut up veggies (carrots, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, whatever you like).  I also really like dipping edamame pods before I scrape the beans out.


10 oz shelled frozen edamame, cooked to package directions

Juice of 1/2 medium/small lemon

1 very small garlic clove

fleur de sel to taste (optional, but in my mind, edamame needs salt, nutritarian diet or not!)

Water as necessary to create consistency desired (I used 6 Tbls).


I’m giving the directions for using a food processor below.  However, if you are lucky enough to own a food mill (I’ll be buying one as soon as we are in our new house!) use it instead, as you will get a super creamy and light consistency, just like the restaurant served.

If using a food processor, add all ingredients and process until smooth.  Add water as necessary to create a smooth paste of the consistency you want.  I used 6Tbls water for mine.

Although it is good served warm or cold, try it while it is still warm, it is my favorite way to enjoy this puree!  Enjoy!