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Earthbound Farms Organic Baby Kales Mix

Costco (at least near us, anyway!) recently started carrying Earthbound Farms Organic Baby Kales Mix.  This stuff is amazing.  Baby kale is hard to find so being able to find it at Costco is such a great deal!  Baby kale is much less bitter, doesn’t need to be stripped and is very tender.  You can eat it right out of the bag as a salad mix, put it in smoothies, soups, etc. and even bake it into chips.  Sam (my two year old) and I ate half a bag yesterday baked as chips.  These chips tasted so much more delicious than traditional kale chips.  This is on my weekly shopping list from Costco from now on!

Nutritarian Style Kale Chips

Kale chips are delicious, but most recipes (all I’ve seen) call for salt and oil.  Because we try not to use oil at all, I came up with a different way to make them. I flip my kale chips because otherwise, they do not crisp up as well as they would if they were spritzed with oil. Flipping them takes one minute, and I’m left with a dish equally as delicious as the oil and salt version, but much healthier. My two year old son easily packs an entire bunch of Kale into his little body when I make this. If a two year old likes it…so will you!

Turn the oven to 300*F with a rack in the center.  Line a light colored baking pan with parchment paper.  Strip one bunch of Kale from the stems and wash in a salad spinner.  Lightly spin the kale.

Spread Kale in a single layer on pan (you will need to do two batches).Spray lightly with oil if you would like, or leave them oil free, but make sure that you flip all the kale chips later in the recipe.  If you use a spritz of oil, you will not need to flip them but just jostle them about a little.  Sprinkle with your favorite salt free seasoning.  I love Penzey’s Spices.  Arizona Dreaming, Penzey’s Forward, and Sunny Spain all work really well on Kale.

Bake  until chips start to look crispy (about 20 minutes).  Flip them around a little with your hands so you can see if they are totally dry—and so you mix them up a bit—and continue to bake until crispy.  If the chips are very, very close to being done, I usually turn the oven off and let them finish as the oven starts to cool because overbaked chips can become a bit bitter.