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Vegan Chocolate Pudding with Vegan Whipped Cream

I love chocolate…I just love it!  Here is a delicious chocolate pudding andphoto (6) whipped cream recipe for you to try. 

Use a can of coconut milk (not the lite coconut milk) that has been sitting on your shelf for a little while.  Be careful not to shake the can as you open it so that all the coconut cream is sitting on top for you.  Coconut cream makes up the top half of the can.  The bottom of the can is what I refer to as coconut milk later in the recipe.

Use the rest of the coconut milk along with pineapple in your morning green smoothie!

The recipe makes more than two portions of the cream.  If you double or triple the recipe, double or triple the pudding, not the cream.  If you have leftover cream, top anything from your coffee or a vegan apple crumble.

This recipe was as sweet as I would like.  Next time, just to cut down on the dried fruit, I think I will cut out a date or two.  If you are serving this over fresh fruit (slices of banana, strawberries, raspberries) you may be able to get away with cutting a date or two out of the recipe without even noticing!

Serves 2-4


1 can (whole) coconut milk—will use all of the cream and 3 Tbs. milk

1 box mori-nu firm silken tofu

3Tbs cocoa powder

10 dates—6 for pudding, 4 for whip

1/2 tsp vanilla extract

scrapings from 1/2 vanilla bean

optional: shredded coconut to sprinkle for decoration


To make cream:  Carefully open can of coconut milk.  Scrape out all of the coconut cream into a bowl and add 4 pitted dates, scrapings of 1/2 vanilla bean.  Blend in high powered blender until smooth.  Place in refrigerator to chill.  Once chilled, either place in whip cream dispenser or whip with beaters until fluffy.

To make pudding: combine tofu, cocoa, 3 Tbs of the leftover coconut milk, vanilla extract, 6 dates in blender.  Blend until smooth.  Refrigerate and serve chilled with a dollop of whip on top.